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The Teen Driver Basic package includes 30 hours of classroom training and 6 hours of behind the wheel training from one of our professional instructors.
Power points, videos, visual aids and many more activities are incorporated into each classroom session. Parents will have the opportunity to attend a 90 minute parent presentation by a Minnesota State Trooper about instilling safe driving habits in your children.
In your behind the wheel lessons you will always be the only student in the car. At the end of each lesson the instructor will review areas of improvement with a parent. This package meets the minimum state standards for a student to attain a permit and driver's license.

We offer private lessons to adults (age 20 and older) who would like to learn how to improve their driving skills, pass the road test, or have their driving skills evaluated for their employer, family, or doctor.

Features and Services Offered

  • Camps & Training

  • Driver Improvement Training, Driving Instruction Courses

  • Behind-The-Wheel and Classroom Instruction for Teens - Individual Behind-The-Wheel Instruction for Adults

  • All Amenities

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