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Your protection & safety of others out there are of the highest priorities here @ Preferred Driver Education.  Your 2016 Toyota Prius Hybrid STUDENT DRIVER car has not only been fitted with a passenger side instructor brake, but also incorporates the newest vehicle technologies such as...
    High Visibility Bi-LED Headlights
    LED Brakes & Taillights
    Heads - Up Full Color Digital Display Instrument Panel
    ABS (Anti - Lock) Brakes
    Automatic Traction Control Assist
    Driver, Passenger, Side Curtain & Knee Airbags
    High Definition Rear Assist Backup Camera
...just to name a few.
Your instructor is a highly knowledgeable & experienced driver, so be rest assured that you are in the safest of hands.
Let us help you understand the rules of the road!  You'll be given the tools for what it takes to become a confident & defensive driver while courteously SHARING the road with others.
4 Simple Steps to get Your License:
Step 1 ... Enroll into a class (must be @ least 14 yrs, 9 months by first day of class)
Step 2 ... Get your temps (must be @ least 15 yrs, 6 months)
Step 3 ... Successfully complete your class, driving lessons & 30 hours of practice
Step 4 ... Pass your DMV road test (must be @ least 16 and have held your temps for at least 6 months)
Preferred Driver Education offers:
-  Classroom Education
   -  Behind-The-Wheel Instruction
Payment Methods:
Please contact us for pricing - Cash or Checks are accepted

Features and Services Offered

  • Consultants - Business, Camps & Training

  • Miscellaneous Business Services, Driver Improvement Training

  • Classroom & Behind The Wheel Package for New Drivers - Flexible Payment Terms - Update Your Driving Skills With A 60-Minute Refresher Lesson

  • All Amenities

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Preferred Driver Education

Preferred Driver Education

126 Elmwood Ln
Nekoosa, WI - 54457

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